About Us

Guadalupe Design is a line of textiles that have been printed, woven and dyed by artisans of India, keeping their millenary traditions. Oversized bags with unique patterns, antique jewels with precious stones, handcrafted rugs and fabrics for your summer home, and handmade ponchos, curated by artist Mary Escobar and financier Daniela Garces.

Daniela Garces is from the city of Cali in Colombia, known for its exuberant nature and joyous vibe. Wife and mother of two kids-Lucas and Matias- Daniela has a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Miami and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from FIU in Florida. With an extensive business background working for companies like Lehman Brothers and Barclays Bank and a love for art & design, Daniela and her partner Maria Ines Escobar decided to create their own textile showroom in Bogota.

As the business grew they decided to test new waters and moved to Miami, Florida, where the company is now based and has its showroom. Bringing culture and design from all over the world, Guadalupe Design seeks to collaborate with different skilled, traditional artisans to exemplify unique craftsmanship and lux, sustainable goods. From India to Turkey, Colombia, and small towns in Spain, Italy and Peru, Guadalupe Design includes everything in authentic luxury, a home wear and textile line, accessories such as precious jewelry, exotic handbags, colorful key chains and ready to wear pieces such as ponchos, shift dresses and a beautiful children’s line.

The name Guadalupe Design comes from the founder's respect and admiration for the Virgen de Guadalupe (The Virgin of Guadalupe). The company's mission is to protect the environment and to preserve the conventional techniques of the Tyra Aja artisans. Through empowerment and creativity, the company promotes talent and dynamic vision.